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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Behide the scene?

Yeap, i wanna share about my own stuff on this blog, well, you all will know why i really a busy guy, even i in holiday for 2 month. So lets get going!

First, my electrical project , well, if you the picture , you will see the picture with table and all equipment that involve with electronic stuff,. Everyday , i shall spend 2-3 hour on that project work. Yeah, it really difficult but fun! XD.
 Next picture, is all about my art work, well, i really don't like using a table to drawing , just simple work. My laptop and my drawing book for design character, my waste paper (recycle) that i use for drawing, my scanner? Oh, that. i was hide it XD. Average, if i really in good mood , i can done drawing in 50 art or more in 1 day, but i always get bad mood , just 10 pages only....

lastly picture, you can c a dumbell , actually i had two set of dumbell and 1 barbell , 2 hand grip ,and 1 set of weight leg.. Well. i use training 1 hour for everyday XD.
So, thats all from me, the creator of DR series

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