Warning : This Series was originally Graydragon02 (Ridzuan) work, don't dare to steal any of this pic website

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alex the Husky

Hunt for Revenge by *graydragon02 on deviantART

Warning!!! Spoiler!!!

Alex : Ryuzin!!!
Ryuzin : Alex? You here?
Alex : You still alive...
Ryuzin : Of course i still alive? Well you had different a lot. Specially at your face.
Alex: Yeah, thats long stories....
Ryuzin : Its been 10 years, where a you that loong ?
Alex : well, thats kinda secret but i ill tell you later, just we must do something..i need your help Ryuzin.
Ryuzin : What is it?
Alex : Please help me , for my father *crying*

*Ryuzin look at General Ray*
Ryuzin : Don't worry , alex, i ill take care for ya. *smiles*

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