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Friday, February 7, 2014

Xavier ready to fight

What a weird title..... but i really don't have any idea to give a name on this art lol, thinking too much about it XD.
Somehow, i just learn how to make shatter or breaking glass effect, it seem..kinda weird....oh well, at less i already try new method XD.
yep, i really missed doing this kind soft shading art, it remind me with my teacher on DA XD who had teach me how colour. Well, back to my old basic colouring , it seem my old skill  is already rusty , i need to sharp it back XD.

oh yeah, about the description about this art, we all know Xavier's wish, he want to become a great warrior. So, he can fight along with Ryuzin and others. That can i say about it. The other information , will reveal in comic.


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