Warning : This Series was originally Graydragon02 (Ridzuan) work, don't dare to steal any of this pic website

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Getting Started!!

D-Tactor Dragon Rider's

This time, Five new main character appear in this story , but two showing first from silent criminal that always stolen thing call Tragony Thieve . Ryuzin and Dragy got some interesting contract from unknown person to steal some device call Rider Disk . A country call TERA at main office, Ryuzin and Dragy do their job but something happen. There was an experiment about male dragon turn into Phantom Dragon who always hunger about body sex , in the same time, their world , the dragon male suddenly vanish slowly. The battle begin and finally Dragy sacrifice himself to save Ryuzin and kick Ryuzin far away from that place.

The other main character will show is, Xavier z ( blue werewolf) , Jack (Human ?) and 10 (unknown). This stories / comic is already mark as Graydragon02 originally art work (that's me!) .

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